Severine & Ian – A Three Counties Wedding

As you know I travel throughout the UK for my weddings although most are quite close to home, one of the benefits of being based in Staffordshire is we’re surrounded by so many fantastic counties. So it was no great hardship when we went through the timings for Severine and Ian’s wedding day and it started off with a bridal visit in Nuneaton, Warwickshire. After a few fun photos with Sev and her bridesmaids we headed back towards Leicestershire to Breedon on the Hill Church.  I’ve photographed this church a few times and it’s one of my favourites, not only the church itself but as it stands alone on top of a hill it really does have some stunning views.  I’m just grateful that we had a gorgeous day for Sev and Ian’s wedding so we could head off for a little walk and grab a few bride and groom photos, taking advantage of those views.

Sev and Ian wanted to keep the day as relaxed as possible, it was a small and intimate wedding with only about 30 very close friends and relatives.  It was also a non-traditional approach to a wedding after the ceremony, the guests all made their way to a small and absolutely gorgeous old Inn in Melbourne called The Hollybush for drinks and afternoon snacks.  It was great to be a part of this wedding, after spending a while recording everybody having a great time, we were invited to join in with the drinks and lunch and trust me when I say the food is lovely 🙂  This was where the wedding day ended for most of the guests and after everybody had left, we headed off with the bride and groom for a romantic photo session by the River Trent in Burton.  Alright, I’m going to admit something here and I should be ashamed of myself.  I’ve lived in this town for *cough* *cough* years now and when Ian told me the part of the river he wanted to go to – I had to ask where it was.  In my whole life, I’ve never been there and I think it’s a close-kept secret by the few houses in that area because it really is beautiful and you’d never think you were right next to a busy town.  Sev and Ian were a dream to photograph, they were so easy to laugh and didn’t need any encouragement to get close and cuddle up.

Then it was off to the final venue of the day for their evening meal – The Old Vicarage in Burton, where we met up with a very select few of the day’s guests.  Again, I’ve never been to The Old Vicarage but I it was chosen by Sev and Ian for the fine dining and the relaxed, intimate atmosphere.  I ended my part of their wedding day with a few more photos of the couple in the gardens before leaving them to enjoy the rest of the evening with their guests.

I think all in, I had about 2h 30min travelling around the area but it was definitely worth it …

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