Di and Ash – A Marquee Wedding

Just a quick little blog post from me for today as I’m really trying to catch up on my blogging before the new wedding season starts properly.

I didn’t actually get to meet either Di or Ash until the day of their wedding but they were absolutely amazing and a really chilled out and relaxed couple.  The wedding was held at a family member’s farm house with marquees placed in the stunning grounds near Twycross and their brief to me for the wedding was ‘just nice and relaxed’.  I love these sort of weddings, I got to spend the whole day outside in the gorgeous sunshine just photographing from a distance and recording this beautiful wedding day.  I think the only photo that I insisted on doing was the last one on this blog post.  As the sun went down it literally lit up the sky like a fire and I think it would have been criminal not to have a photo of such a fantastic sunset with my equally fantastic bride and groom.

I hope you enjoy this natural, relaxed and really beautiful wedding 🙂

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