Back to one of my favourite venues, Breadsall Priory near Derby for Rachael and James’ wedding.  I was recommended as a wedding photographer to Rachael by one of my former brides, Gemma, it’s always great when that happens and to top it off Gemma was also at the wedding so we managed a small catch-up chat.

Rachael got ready for her wedding in one of the rooms at Breadsall and I have to say that I love this set of ‘prep’ shots, the natural light and classic beauty of the bride made my job really easy 🙂

As you know, I like to keep my wedding photography informal but when you have a stunning bride and groom and the gardens at Breadsall Priory are in flower then you just have to take some lovely bride and groom photos.  Yes, the Rhododendron really was that bright pink!

I hope you enjoy Rachael and James’ photos…

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